Studentís Name Home town Program of Study Plans After Genesee Graduation Stylissimo Committee
Christine Acquard Alden, NY Fashion Merchandising Mgt. (FBM) Lab. Institute of Merchandising, NYC Back of House
Pamela Brongo Brockport, NY Business Administration Begin career Back of House
Ashley Hoock†† Rochester, NY FBM Study Cosmetology Front of House
Matthew Calender Attica, NY Marketing Undecided -Streetwear Scene
Kristi Chamberlain Oakfield, NY FBM Buffalo State College††  
Emily Hasman Rochester, NY Buffalo State / Fashion Instit. of Technology Stylissimo Co-coordinator,
-Retro & Alternative Scenes
Robyn Hoffman* Geneseo, NY   Undecided Front of House
-Childrenís Scene
Dimitrios Karamanos Athens, Greece FBM University of Buffalo or Canisius College Stylissimo Coordinator
Nicole Kasmarek Batavia, NY FBM Marymount University, VA -Formal Scene
Public Relations Committee
Maria Lamastra*†† Lancaster, NY FBM Berkeley College, NYC Financial Committee
Heather Lough†† Deland, Florida FBM Fashion Institute of Technology -Freshman Scene
Sarah Nugent*††† LeRoy, NY Theatre Arts SUNY Utica Planning Committee
Patricia Oakley††† Hinsdale, NY FBM Buffalo State College Back of House
-Bridal Scene
Hiromi Ogawa* Tokyo, Japan FBM Begin career Front of House
-International Scene
Joel Privitera LeRoy, NY Marketing Empire State College Chair-Public Relations
Chair - Security
Illa Pryor Attica, NY FBM Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, CA -Alternative Scene
Hair and Make-up / Back of House
Alicia Raduns* Akron, NY FBM Buffalo State College Financial Committee
Jennifer Richenberg Batavia, NY FBM Undecided Front of House
Alisha Shantz* Arcade, NY FBM Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, CA Planning Committee
Cora Towne* Dansville, NY Buffalo State College  
Jessica Wagner Arcade, NY FBM Academy of Art in San Francisco Planning Committee
-Freshman Scene
Asako Watanabe* Yokohama, Japan FBM Undecided -International Scene
Heather Webster Batavia, NY FBM Buffalo State College or Academy of the Arts, San Fran., CA Co-coordinator
-Accessories, Business and Alternative Scenes
Jennifer White Batavia, NY Undecided Back of House
Jodi Williams Homer, NY FBM SUNY Oneonta or Fashion Institute of Technology Front of House
* Not pictured in photograph